maandag 24 januari 2011

Vacation shopping

Hey gals! As I've mentioned before, I went on vacation. Of course I did a bit of shopping! Here's what I got

No shoes or bags this time...I feel incomplete. I had been eying some but on the day that I was planning to buy them, I went with the wrong people. Good things come to those who wait!
There's an awkward smile for ya!
Have a great week
x -B

9 opmerkingen:

  1. I'm sorry that you feel below. I love blogging because it gives me an outlet, if there's more that's even better. Try commenting on other blogs. Cute post too. x hivennn. p.s enter my jeffrey campbell giveaway?

  2. Awe thank you for taking your time to comment! I have been commenting on other blogs lately, and it helps :). Btw awesome giveaway! I've always wanted one of JC's shoes, entering for sure.

  3. love the floral skirt!!

  4. The red blouse is my favourite! Sorry to hear that you were discouraged - just keep on truckin! I'm gonna follow you, feel free to follow back :)



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