zondag 9 januari 2011

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Every Sunday I attend church. After that, it's mostly family time. Today I went out to visit some people, this is what I wore:

Charlotte Russe cardigan, Flax & Seed shirt, Roxy jeans (I bought the pair of sneakers at a cheap Chinese store)

I know you're probably thinking why I cropped out my head in the first picture, the reason for that is I let my little sister take the picture and only half of my face got in it. I still wanted to do an outfit post, so I decided to show you details instead. I always wanted to do outfit posts, but I don't have someone to take decent pictures of me, as mentioned before ahaha! I will try to do my best to post more outfit pictures regardless. What I'm wearing here I would describe as a comfy outfit, nothing special. To me, the combination of camel and red is perfection, and is in fact really in right now! :)

I hope everyone had a good weekend, and will have a great week!
x -B

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