zaterdag 20 november 2010

Just Bitten By Revlon

So I FINALLY build up the courage to open my Just Bitten lipstain by Revlon!
The result...

I REALLY like this product. It's color as I guessed is plum but somehow looks pure red when I apply it on my lips. I have no problem with that, because as I said before I am a sucker for red lips, but in the meanwhile I'm still looking for a lipstain in plum. This lipstain is like a marker...a first for me! I like the way it feels though, it doesn't make your lips patchy or peel. The balm is very moisturizing it's a pity they only give you a little amount :(. All in all Just Bitten stays on pretty long..IF you don't go eating like a crazy hungry man when I did, the night I wore it.
So I Hope everyone's having a great weekend!
x -B
P.S. Please excuse my dead eyes & the lack of make up, I was in quite a rush.

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