zaterdag 20 november 2010

Girl stuff

Hello girls and boys! I've decided to show you my very small nail polish and perfume/body spray collection. I used to have a lot of nail polish but you know most of them tend to become all icky and thick so I eventually threw them away. And as for perfumes, well I've never really been a perfume girl! All the women in my family are perfume fanatics but I don't really see the big deal. When I get one, I barely use it because it's either too expensive or I think it's not really necessary. I'm more of a body spray kina girl, it's light, smells just as nice as perfume, and you can purchase several of them simultaneously without going "broke".

Left to right:
Maybelline Express finish in WF 233, Maybelline Tenue & Strong Pro in 16, L.A. Colors in Mauve Glaze, Q.P.T in That's Berry Daring, Elf in White, and Best Sence in Gold Glitter.

Left to right:
Victoria's Secret Body Mist in Berry Kiss, Givenchy perfume "Very Irresistible", and Huge Boss for Woman.
Out of all the nail polish, my two faves are Maybelline Tenue & Strong Pro in 16 because it dries quick, and doesn't chip easily, my other fave is Best Sence in Gold Glitter, this one kind of takes long to dry depending on how much you applied. It also doesn't chip easily and as you can see, really stands out!
From my perfume/body spray/mist collection, my two faves would be definitely Victoria's Secret Body Mist and Givenchy's Very Irresistible. I would definitely recommend Victoria's Secret Body Mist! It's light, affordable for sure and the smell stays long! As for Givenchy, the name speaks for itself "very irresistable" kidding.
So I hope you enjoyed reading! & all notes are welcome :)
x -B

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